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Does experience matter to you? I'm a well experienced technology consultant with over 20+ years’ experience in the trenches working globally with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and startups to successfully completing complex IT projects. Please review my experiences below.

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Hello, I am James Dethwick, I’m a Cloud/Network Architect with AWS Certified Solutions Cloud Architect, a Mobile Developer, Full-Stack Developer, and a Certified Microsoft Engineer with expertise in Azure, Windows Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SCCM. I have rich experience in globally working with large organizations helping them build out and manage their infrastructures. I also work with small and mid-sized companies on mobile and web site design and development.

Name: James Dethwick

Location: New York, NY

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My skills

For the last 20 plus years my projects have involved the following skills by percentage of time.

AWS Cloud


Mobile Development


Website Development


Microsoft Servers


iOS Development


Microsoft Active Directory


Unix Servers


Microsoft Exchange


Databases (SQL)


Microsoft SCCM & WSUS


Windows Desktop Migrations


Microsoft Azure




Project Management


Cpanel & WHMCS Management


CMS-Joomla and Wordpress



Projects completed


Cups of tea


Happy customers


IT Certifications



Let me help build your app or website.

Cloud Services

I can migrate, manage or help manage your cloud initiative.

Microsoft Technology

I have solid experience working with Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Server, & Systems Center.

Desktop Migrations

I fully understand the do and don'ts of desktop rollout and its pitfalls.

Web Hosting Services

From a shared host to a dedicated server, I can setup either Windows or Linux with a CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

Project Management

I have led many projects to success while staying under budget and on-time.


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Present - 1996


Founder: Technology company I founded in 1996 to provide consulting services for Complex Technology Projects.

2020 - 2019


Cloud Hosting: I have architected, build-out, and supported a Cloud Hosting Services Company utilizing AWS and Azure for small and mid-sized companies. Besides monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting the current cloud environment, I have also built the front and back-end web app utilizing AWS/Azure servers utilizing Centos, Windows, Ubuntu, cPanel, WHMCS, MYSQL, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and whole lot more.

2019 - 2017


Mobile Developer: I have built a very sophisticated subscription based mobile app for the Apple App Store. This app peaked in the top 10 in the lifestyle section of the Apple App Store. Currently we have about 3000 signed up subscribers.

2017 - 2015


Mobile Developer: I had built this app as a pay once native based mobile app for the Apple App Store. This app has sold thousands of downloads in the Weather/Lifestyle section in the Apple App Store.

2014 - 2012


Mobile Developer: I built this app as a pay once native based mobile app for the Apple App Store. It has both an iPhone and iPad version. Though this app was designed for a small market with low market reach initially, but the bigger plan was to replicate this design and process to many small towns across the United States.

2013 - 2011

CIT Group

Microsoft Level-3 Support: I was subcontracted again by Eden Technologies to provide Level-3 server support by back-filling for an administrator on leave. I worked with the team to resolve support and troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, various other support issues.

2011 - 2011

Becton, Dickinson

Microsoft Level-3 Support: I was brought in to provide assistance with multiple IT projects around Microsoft technologies including Active Directory and Systems Management Server, and other technologies like McAfee. I also provided Level-3 support for approximately 30,000 users worldwide.

2010 - 2010

CIT Group

Migration to Symantec Endpoint Protection: I was subcontracted by Eden Technologies to migrate from Computer Associates Entrust AV to Symantec Endpoint Protection to hundreds of servers globally without downtime. I was also asked to setup best practices for policies for scans, threats, and updates.

2010 - 2010


Exchange/Quest Migration Consultant: I was consulted to help the existing Dell project team export Exchange 5.5 users to the latest Exchange version to different companies using Quest Software. Assisted on the Quest Exchange Migration Wizard (EMW) Installation and Setup for both Source and Target migration locations.

2010 - 2009


Active Directory Architect: I was contracted to complete a set of tasks involving Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, to help secure and restructure current environment to industry best practices. The tasks required me to work with large worldwide teams to help ensure the project was properly performed. One of the tasks was for me to analyze, document, present, and cleaned-up then restructure existing Active Directory Sites, Group Policies (GPO), DNS entries, and DHCP servers.

2008 - 2007

Suffolk County Government

Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Architect: I was originally brought in to assess the security standards on the existing Microsoft Exchange environment to which I reported that security holes did indeed need to be patched. I was then asked to assess the current multiple Active Directory Forests with many Active Directory domains in 12 Data Centers/Networks containing 2 separate Exchange Email systems, hundreds of server applications.

2007 - 2005

Eastern Suffolk Boces

Active Directory & Exchange Architect: Responsible for consolidating servers throughout 9 locations into one data center by migrating outdated Microsoft NT Domain and older Microsoft Exchange environment to one Microsoft Active Directory and latest Exchange environment. Project had zero user downtime. 15 new Servers replaced 40 old servers Assessment on current environment to determine project requirements. Current environment included 100 plus servers with multiple clustered servers spread out throughout the 9 locations.

2005 - 2004

TD Securities

Desktop Migration: I was consulted to perform an in-place upgrade to the existing traders and end-user’s computers throughout the US to a standardized desktop. This included moving user data, settings, and applications without replacing the desktop with a new one, while some applications needed to be upgraded during the move (i.e., Bloomberg Terminal and Microsoft Office).

2006 - 2004

Baruch College

Instructor: I was asked to teach Exchange Server technology and other Email Systems to about 25 plus students. Provided class instruction through lectures and presentations, provided class structure through class syllabus, created and managed class website, and graded students based on examinations, projects, and other criteria that I defined.

2004 - 2003

XL Capital Insurance

Microsoft Systems Management Server Consultant: I was hired to plan, design, build, and automate the global deployment of new standardized desktops to thousands of global users, which included the deployment 200+ applications utilizing Microsoft Systems Management Server technology.

2003 - 2003

Debevoise & Plimpton

Microsoft Exchange Migration: I was tasked with migrating thousands of users throughout all United States offices from the current Novell GroupWise email system to the latest Microsoft Exchange email system, and to update mail clients to the latest Microsoft Outlook email application from GroupWise while still maintaining integration to an existing document management system.

2002 - 2002

New York State Government

AD & Exchange Architect: I worked with IBM Consulting Service Group to architect and unite various email systems to one Microsoft Exchange email system for hundreds of Government agencies across New York State. The design required support for an estimated 250,000 mail users through a self-hosted environment controlled by a central IT department in Albany.

2002 - 2002


Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory Disaster Recovery: Through IBM Consulting Services in New York, I was asked by the Topps to consult as a Disaster Recovery Architect for Topps baseball cards. I provided a solution to allow for disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory to a data center located in Pennsylvania from New York.

2002 - 2002

Sullivan and Cromwell

Penetration Testing: Through IBM Consulting Services in New York, I was asked by the Law Firm of Sullivan and Cromwell to penetrate test as a security hacker to produce an internal server/network audit on Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell systems.

2001 - 2001

Morgan Lewis

Desktop Imaging: I was assigned to create an unattended desktop setup for hundreds of users across the US. Ghost with SysPrep was used to create images with standard applications installed.

2001 - 1998

Dow Jones & Company

Microsoft Infrastructure Architect: Technical Lead for global technology infrastructure initiative to consolidate servers from multiple operating systems, 5 different email systems, and a multitude of applications into three major data centers (US, Europe, and Asia) by moving to a Geographical Domain Model on Microsoft Windows Servers, a single Microsoft Exchange Email environment, an Systems Management Server for desktop refresh, and many other related technologies. Current environment included 500 plus servers with multiple technologies that needed to be consolidated.

1999 - 1998


Technology Consultant: I was brought in to provide a high level of Technology recommendations to their current environment. I put together a Disaster Recovery plan and assured that their Backup Exec and Backup/Restore system were setup correctly.

1998 - 1998

Digital Computer

Infrastructure Architect: Consulted on projects for large international companies like Becton Dickinson and Dow Jones, to provide a design review for a Windows NT domain structure, trust relationships, security, routing, naming conventions, and library structures.

1998 - 1996

Promus Hotels (Hiltons Hotels)

Infrastructure Architect: From the Memphis location I was placed in charge of converting current Novell/Unix infrastructure to a single Microsoft Domain/Exchange/Systems Management/Desktop infrastructure. Assessment to the current environment included 1000 plus servers with multiple technologies spread out throughout 500 hotel locations. Final project included a multi-Domain environment sitting on multiple Microsoft Windows Servers with a centralized Microsoft Exchange email environment being deployed and refreshed by a central Microsoft Systems Management Server system to provide a smooth migration.

1996 - 1993

Lazard Frères

Senior Systems Engineer: My job was to provide Level-3 support to Investment Bankers and Traders and Level-3 support for multiple operating systems servers throughout the US. I was also instrumental in making sure the data center moves from 1 Rockefeller to 30 Rockefeller went smooth.

1996 - 1993

Smith Barney

Systems Engineer: My Job was to provide support the Accounting Department and to maintain the Banyan Vines/Novell Netware servers. Additionally, I was the first department in the company to convert users from WordPerfect/Lotus to Microsoft Word/Excel.


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