James Dethwick

New York State Gov

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  • Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, IBM Servers and SANs


I worked with IBM Consulting Service Group to architect and unite various email systems to one Microsoft Exchange email system for hundreds of Government agencies across New York State. The design required support for an estimated 250,000 mail users through a self-hosted environment controlled by a central IT department in Albany. My proposed solution provided for both coexistence and migration with agency environments that includes various versions of Exchange, Lotus Notes, SendMail, and Novell GroupWise. I interviewed and met with various agencies to understand project requirements. The proposed architected Microsoft Exchange email system design was modeled after the ASP services model where users/agencies will chose from a lists of email menu services and charged back for services selected. Approximate sizing for design included a centralized SAN (IBM ESS Shark) with 250TB of disk space that was shadowed to another location for disaster recovery. I worked with central IT to help redesign main data center to accommodate new servers, SAN, power, and security. I also helped deploy more than 50+ servers running the IBM xSeries model. By gathering then assessing the customer data and designing and validating inside a lab the proposed solution, I was able to save the customer time and money by architecting the proposed correct solution that was verified by the customer’s business drivers. Entire design was architected and tested using VMware virtualization software.

    Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Windows Server
    Novell GroupWise
    Lotus Notes
    Microsoft IIS
    IBM Servers and SANs
    Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft DNS/DHCP/WINS
    Cisco Router/Switches