James Dethwick

CIT Group

  • Banking
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange


I was consulted to migrate to Symantec Endpoint Protection and to provide Level-3 server support by back-filling for an administrator on leave.

Project #1

Migration to Symantec Endpoint Protection

    I was subcontracted by Eden Technologies to migrate from Computer Associates Entrust AV to Symantec Endpoint Protection to hundreds of servers globally without downtime. I was also asked to setup best practices for policies for scans, threats, and updates. I coordinated with the security server groups worldwide to minimize downtime. I wrote Visual Basic scripts to automate install and repair issues. The project was well documented with installation steps and procedures used. Finally, I was an advisor for implementing a RBAC system.
Project #2

Microsoft Level-3 Support

    I was subcontracted again by Eden Technologies to provide Level-3 server support by back-filling for an administrator on leave. I worked with the team to resolve support and troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, various other support issues. I was also assigned to convert a legacy database to Microsoft SQL. I also provided support and maintenance to Windows Server Active Directory running on VMWare. Wrote PowerShell scripts to automate server maintenance. Additionally, I helped provide support to Citrix.
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Server
    Microsoft Windows Server
    Microsoft Windows Exchange
    Microsoft Powershell
    DMZ Setup
    Microsoft IIS Server setup in DMZ
    VMware ESX and VSphere
    Microsoft Windows Desktop
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Client