James Dethwick


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Server, Exchange


I was contracted to complete a set of tasks involving Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, to help secure and restructure current environment to industry best practices. The tasks required me to work with large worldwide teams to help ensure the project was properly performed. One of the tasks was for me to analyze, document, present, and cleaned-up then restructure existing Active Directory Sites, Group Policies (GPO), DNS entries, and DHCP servers. My goal was to secure various Desktop/Server applications by writing scripts for various tasks like to secure the local admin permissions worldwide. I also evaluated and secured the existing Exchange environment. I implemented standards for groups and recipients in Active Directory and Exchange then I identified and cleaned up Active Directory replication issues. Finally, I was instrumental in assisting in consolidating of company acquisitions with multiple AD domains/forest into one.

    Microsoft Active Directory
    Microsoft Windows Server
    Microsoft Exchange
    VMWare ESX vSphere
    Microsoft PowerShell
    AD Manager Plus
    PeopleSoft HR to AD connector